Quality Control

In our central New York City facility, QC is performed 24/7. Only the best, highly qualified operators are employed and trusted to meticulously scrutinize client media assets.

All materials are either spot QC'ed or fully QC'ed (depending on client request) and carefully evaluated by IDC's exceptionally trained QC staff. IDC works in close partnership with its clients to guarantee that their content is consistently of the highest quality for delivery.

Customized QC evaluations are performed on an ongoing basis for closed captions, subtitles and audio/video in a multitude of languages with particular attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, idiomatic translation, visual placement, and timing.

Automated QC testing is fulfilled using Interra Baton with profiles configured to achieve compliance to broadcast or client specifications.  

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Our engineers consult with the industry's top companies throughout the world to provide solutions to technical issues whenever they may surface. Our reputation for technological innovation has grown over the last twenty years as we continue to help shape the ever changing global landscape of digital content.

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