IDC provides 24/7 beginning-to-end solutions for all your post-production needs. Electronically managing high-speed content delivery ensures that all your assets arrive quickly and as requested. Whether originating from legacy analog tape or digital source formats, IDC ingests, transcodes, converts, and delivers your content in any selected frame rate, resolution, codec, or wrapper to meet your digital distribution requirements.




  • Editing / Avid, Adobe Creative Cloud,  4K/UHD workflow with HDR capability, 

  • Shared storage, redundancy,  project back up

  • Color Correction / Our color correction suites are equipped with the latest version of DaVinci Resolve enabling clients to finish in UHD and HDR color space

  • Audio Mixing Pro-Tools

  • IDC Sound specializes in voice-over/music recording, audio editing, 5.1 

  • Surround mixing/conforming, multilingual dubbing, and layback for 

  • Television, Film, Multimedia, & Interactive from commercial spots to  long form    

  •  Visual Effects and Graphics

  • DCP Creation

  •  IMF Packaging 

  • Dolby Vision HDR Certified




  • DVCAM, DVCPR050, HDV, BETA SP, Digital Beta, Mini DV, D5, D3, D2

  • DVD/Blu Ray Authoring

  • NTSC & PAL



Quality Control (QC) is performed 24/7 all over the world. Client assets are  either spot or fully QC'ed and IDC utilizes only the most qualified operators, trusted to meticulously scrutinize all submitted material. IDC partners with its clients to consistently guarantee content delivery at the highest level.

  • Customized QC evaluations are available on an ongoing basis and performed for closed captions, subtitles, and audio/visual in more than 30 languages. Detailed attention is made for spelling, grammar, punctuation, idiomatic translation, visual placement, and timing.

  • Automated QC testing is fulfilled using Interra Baton with profiles configured to achieve broadcast compliance or customized for client specifications.

Our engineers routinely consult with industry leaders worldwide to provide solutions for technical issues whenever they might arise. Our reputation for technological innovation has grown over the past thirty years and we continue to contribute to the shape of the ever morphing global landscape that is digital content.

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IDC prepares closed captioning/SDH, subtitles, and forced-narratives,  while working in conjunction with our ‘International Timed-Text Consortium,’ to provide accurate native translations for many languages of the world.  All work is double-checked for accuracy in grammar, spelling, translation, and correct interpretation of idiomatic expressions. Please inquire about IDC’s full list of over 30+ languages currently offered.



IDC Sound specializes in voice over/music recording, audio editing, ADR & Foley, 5.1 surround mixing/conforming, multilingual dubbing, and layback for Television, Film, Multimedia, & Interactive (commercial spots and long form).



IDC offers Audio Description (also known as "video description" or "described video") which is a full production service that enhances content for visually impaired audiences. Our intent is to verbalize  visual content into custom made, narrated dialogue tracks that are scripted, performed, and mixed right into the program audio to further enhance the user’s listening experience. With this description being a fine art in and of itself, our goal with each project is to not only entertain, but also bring a program’s "essence" alive to this distinct audience without interfering with or compromising the existing dialogue and alert them to plot-pertinent visual details that could otherwise easily escape notice.



As an early adopter, IDC has been on the forefront of optical media production since its inception. Whether mastering an audio CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc, IDC's Multimedia department will guide and assist you in building a custom product from concept and packaging design to short-run duplication or pre-mastering for large-scale replication. Our talented team creates and authors projects with interactive menus, alternate audio tracks, animated graphics and subtitles/captions. We also repurpose existing content and provide many other custom feature options.


IDC offers voice dubbing services in a wide variety of languages covering all regions of the globe. Our select team of experienced and localized artists bring an unparalleled authenticity to whatever target language or territory is being serviced. We provide creative solutions and technical quality to ensure that client content not only meets, but exceeds, the highest specifications required. For those countries that require it, IDC offers localized talent where applicable and at the client's request, demos and full-casting sessions are also available.  Please contact us for a full list of languages.
IDC’s hands-on management style, coupled with a vast array of creative talent, makes us the premier choice for bringing your content, whether it's a feature film, an episodic TV program, a documentary, etc.,  to a worldwide audience, safe in the knowledge that your message won’t get lost in translation.


For Content Partners, we not only offer global distribution, but also a creative and full service post facility.  With our technical and design finesse, our innovative team is available to dazzle your audiences worldwide.


Feel free to contact us and inquire how we can finalize your content for its best possible presentation both on time and within budget.


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